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Photo requirements

To assist us in diagnosing the cause of the issue, please supply us with a series of photos, showing the issue you are experiencing.

Please supply the following photos:

  • Base on which your mattress sits
  • The label at the foot end of the mattress
  • The barcode tag located in the middle of the head end of the mattress or base border
  • A copy of your proof of purchase to show purchase date and price paid for the item. This can be a photo.

If you are experiencing depressions in the mattress, we need some more photos from you. Please:

  • Firstly remove all bed linen
  • Place a broom flat across the mattress and with a steel tape measure, show the distance between the mattress and the broom handle.

We need a series of photos to show the depressions.

  1. Make sure you take the photos looking straight at the tape measure enabling the measurements to be clearly visible.
  2. Please take photos standing back from the mattress showing the full length of the mattress.
  3. Please also take a photo of the base on which your mattress sits, as well as the label at the foot end of the mattress and the barcode located in the middle of the mattress or base at the head end are required.

For all other claims:

If you are experiencing any other problem such as fabric or base concerns, please take and upload photographs appropriately showing the problem as outlined above.

Some photo examples:







The barcode number on the label below is pointed out with an arrow.  You need to type the barcode number that appears on your mattress label into the relevant request form question text box.



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